Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do re mi!

Spring is here, and that means new escapades!

Everyone in my house has got the spring fever. Kirsten is making all these yummy warm-weather foods, even though it's only about 80 degrees out. Pssh, I'm not complaining.

Leah asked the other day if we'd help her with her solo for the play that she's going to be in, and like the brilliantly angelic sisters that we are, we all said "Yes! Of course we will, dear sister!" in perfect harmony around the dinner table. What? Not realistic. Pssh...
(Kit, be quiet. Pssh is SO a word.)

Now, since it's finally warm outside, the lot of us decided to go out there to do the practicing. Kirsten brought a picnic basket and a blanket to sit on. We lived on a hill that overlooks a pretty meadow, so it was just the right place to set up. Kirsten wore that straw hat of hers with the black ribbon and cherries and looked about three times prettier than anyone else in the party. Everyone else professed to be as unladylike as possible (Seriously? Who has time for sitting and not getting your skirt dirty?).

We helped Leah like we said, but somehow the afternoon turned into a major singalong from every single musical that we had ever watched in our lives. With six of us to sing (and we're all pretty good, I'd wager), we could have lots of parts and harmonies and all that good stuff. A special favorite with us right now is Les Miserables, and so we did One Day More for the big finale. I'm sure that if anyone had been listening, at least three girls would have died from embarrassment on sight, but we didn't see anyone except birds.

I like to imagine that we all sort of looked like this, laying on the grass and singing:

Yeah. Probably should have brought my guitar...


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kit Tries New-Fangled Technology


hello my name is kit
testing testing
What is wrong with this thing

Woah! Sorry about that, guys. I'm teaching Kit how to use Blogger. She's figured out how to use Microsoft Word to type up her stories, but as to the internet, she's clueless.
Kit: am not
Julie: So I hope you won't mind if she tries her skills out on the blog!


Hello everybody! My name is Margaret Mildred Kitteredge but I find that name revolting lengthy so I'd appreciate it if you called me Kit. I've been living here for a good year now and everything is going wonderfully. I love the new technology these word! Do any of you watch TV? It's amazing!
Julie: Pretty sure we ALL watch TV, Kit...
Pssh, Julie just doesn't get it. She always had TV because she was born in the '70s! She doesn't know what it's like not to have it!

*Kirsten walks in*
Hey you two monkeys, I need to use the computer to look up an Ina Garten recipe. Are you busy?
Julie: Kit's learning the ropes of Blogger. She's a natural!

*Leah bursts in*
Julie: Errr
Kit: What's on fire this time??
Leah: No no nothing's on fire! I GOT THE PART!
Julie: Oh, Leah's been auditioning for some part in our local stage production society thing.

Let's all give a round of applause to LEAH!
*clap clap clapping all around*
Leah: Thank you, thank you.
Kit: Can I take over now?
Julie: Sure. Knock yourself out.

Anyway, as I was saying...AHHH!! LOOK AT THE TIME! TV IS ON! *runs off*
Kirsten: O_o well...I guess I'll look up that recipe now...Bye everybody!
Julie: *sigh*

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Curse of Tea



You're gonna hit us upside the head, aren't you? Seriously, we should be thrown overboard for doing this. Neglecting our blog is indeed a criminal felony. And for that, I blame Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: WHAT?!

Julie: Face it, Liz, it's your fault.

Elizabeth: I repeat. WHAT?! All I've been doing for the past month is making tea, doing schoolwork, making tea, watching Star Trek (ahh, Tom Paris...) making tea, watching the chicks, maki...

Julie: I GET IT. You've been making tea. And that's why it's your fault. Because the fact of the matter is that I've drunken so much tea in the past few months that I forgot to blog. Yep. Don't look at me like that. Because tea has properties that make you forget things, and sometimes it even makes you sleep for like a year at a time and then your blog just goes to ruins. And see, YOU make the tea, so it's your fault!

Elizabeth: *glaring* That's the biggest batch of hog-wash I've ever heard. Have a cup of tea, it'll make you feel better.


Save me, beloved followers, from tea!!


Hello everybody, it's Kirsten. I'm afraid that Julie has run off and didn't finish the post, so I decided that I'd do it for her. We have some new charges--a batch of chicks that were delivered to us as a school project. It's round-the-clock work taking care of them, but they're adorable and we all love them. It'll be a pity when they grow up to be huge chickens, because we won't be able to take care of them then. Our house is too small! Anyways, I'll post a picture whenever Leah teaches me how to upload files. Ta-ta!

~Kirsten, Julie, and Elizabeth

P.S. from Liz: Does ANYONE want tea?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This isn't turning into my blog or anything like that....
But hey. It is officially spring. SPRING. SPRING. SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cough* sorryIjustgetreallyexcitedwhenwinterisover...


We have been relocated yet again. Now we are on a charming little shelf in Quinlyn's room. I'm squished with all the other AG girls and at this point, Millie, too. I have on my roller skates, though, so I look about two inches taller than Kit who is right next to me. I can't wait till I can go outside and rush around in a sea of yellow and blue and flying platinum blond hair and just have a blast. I'm gonna ask all the girls what they're going to do when we get to go outside.

*muted conversing among the dolls*

Kirsten: Pick berries. And take walks. And go to the woods. And cook Spring foods!! (And I can't wait to EAT your spring foods, Kirsten. :D)

Jessica: Pway wif Sam and be cwazy! And quiet at the same time! (Isn't that, impossible?)

Leah: I want to take a walk, too, and listen to music and sing where no one can hear me! And then I want to go inside and eat Kirsten's spring foods. (Awww Leah, we want to hear you! Just don't sing any Metal and we'll be okay.)

Elizabeth: Make tea. (Is that all, Elizabeth?) Yes, that's all. (-_-) Oh, and I want to put on my summer hat and watch the ribbons fly! And blow bubbles.

Felicity: Ride Penny! Duh, Julie, you know that. Why are you taking this survey anyway? (Felicity's one of my BFF's, so we know each other pretty well.)

Kit: Work on my novel. I'm almost finished!! And I want to play baseball, too, and Robin  And I'm going to have to put up some preserves, but who wants to do that? (Kirsten: Oooh preserves.)

Anyway, there you have it. I smell good things coming from Quinlyn's kitchen, but I can't get off the shelf to see what's happening without one of those enormously big giants of people seeing me. I'm gonna go grab a CD and rock out. :D

Love and puppies,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm getting tired of this.


Yo guys,

It's Julie, but you probably guessed that. Things have been crazy around here lately! We've been on the move from one house to another and so basically us dolls have been re-located. Our room is no more. :P I don't even have Coconut with me at the moment! Right now we're all in the living room with Kit's stove and food, so we're not starving, but it seems that all Kirsten does is cook and all Elizabeth does is make tea. I fail to see why that girl is so obsessed with tea. It's not even that good!

Kit Kitteredge has moved in with us. She hasn't really found a place here, per say, but I'm sure she's going to get used to us soon enough. She likes to write and she has opinions and a bob haircut...I wonder what it would be like to have a bob haircut. It might be fun. I am kind of jealous of her, getting her picture taken a lot and all, but I'm okay. Maybe we can be good friends. Felicity and I hit it off, so who knows?

AHHHHH! Elizabeth's making MORE tea! Does that girl ever stop?! I'd think she'd be swimming in it by now! I refuse to drink more than one cup a week of Elizabeth's tea. She's gotten it down to a science but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Elizabeth, if you're reading this, your tea thing is out of control!

Wish us luck on getting our furniture all back or at least more settled. I'd rather not sleep on the floor anymore.

Julie Frances Albright the First

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Vacay!


Hey Peeps!

Sorry we ain't posted in like...forever...yeah. I'm not even going to say the whole "we need to post more on here" thing, even though it's true.

We're on summer vacation! :D Only it's not much of a summer vacation because we can't go outside because of smoke from Arizona fires. Blech. :P So I stay inside and play with Coconut. Quinlyn has been doing our hair a lot. Felicity has this pretty French braid style and mine is just straight and has no style currently. LOL Q likes it down...and I do, too.

So any of you have ideas for posts? :D


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello :)


Good Day Everyone,

I am just learning how to use a computer. Tis' lovely here and Elizabeth and I are very happy. I'm so glad that Penny and Patriot came with us, otherwise I'm sure I should pine away for them and them for me!

I have yet to try on the modern clothing here. Elizabeth has but not me. Quinlyn says she is dying to put me in her AG Place Dever shirt-whatever that means....

See you all later,
Felicity Merriman